Unless you and your girlfriend are married or have a legal domestic partnership, it’s unlikely your insurance would pay for abortion or any medical services for your girlfriend.

Medical insurance plans often require a legal, financial obligation before extending coverage to another person. However, check with your specific insurance plan for details.

How Can I Help My Girlfriend with Insurance?

Regardless of which pregnancy option your girlfriend is leaning toward, being pregnant will require medical care and health check-ups. 

While she can receive free early medical services at Vie Medical Clinic, which includes pregnancy testing and an ultrasound, she will likely need more coverage.

Here are a few options to explore for your girlfriend’s health coverage:

1. Medicaid Coverage in Kansas

Medicaid is a name for a joint federal and state program to cover medical costs for those who meet certain income criteria or need resources. Each state has its own program, and in Kansas, it’s called “KanCare.”

Your pregnant girlfriend may be eligible for KanCare coverage if she lives in Kansas and meets the income requirements. Help her explore whether KanCare can help her cover any pregnancy medical costs. 

Please note that KanCare does not cover elective abortions. It only covers abortion when it’s necessary to save the woman’s life.

2. Your Girlfriend’s Employer

Is your girlfriend currently employed? She could have access to health insurance benefits. 

However, this might require some type of employment change, such as switching from part-time to full-time to ensure she qualifies if she doesn’t already.

Encourage your girlfriend to ask her employer if health insurance is an employment benefit. If she’s currently looking for new employment, there’s a chance she could find a company that offers health benefits. 

Private insurance plans also only cover abortion in cases of life endangerment. However, an individual can purchase an optional rider (additional premium/cost) to cover elective abortion, but that would be dependent on the insurance plan.

3. Changing Your Relationship Status

If you plan on getting married, this life change will enable you to add your new wife to your medical insurance plan. However, marriage is a serious commitment, so this decision should only be made when both of you are ready.

Visit Vie Medical Clinic Together

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Schedule an appointment at our clinic for free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound with our medical team. All of our services are provided for free and do not require insurance.

Visit together and confirm the details of your girlfriend’s pregnancy and ensure she doesn’t have an ectopic pregnancy (a life-threatening condition) with an ultrasound scan. We can also provide more information on KanCare if she qualifies. 

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