When it comes to any medical procedure, safety is not one-size-fits-all. Some precautions and situations can make the abortion pill procedure (also known as online or at-home abortion) safer. 

However, there will always be some risks involved. Know the facts to make an informed decision for your health and future.

Here are some safety factors to consider.

1. Origin of the Abortion Pill

With the legal changes in the past couple of years, you may have seen women ordering the abortion pill online through overseas providers or even on social media. This adds risks in addition to the ones from the procedure itself.

The FDA advises against ordering abortion pills online through unregulated sources as they can’t verify the quality, safety, and even the ingredients of the drugs. 

2. Your Pre-Existing Health Conditions

The abortion pill isn’t for everyone. The Mayo Clinic lists the abortion pill as not being an option for women who have an IUD currently in place, are too far along in pregnancy, take a blood thinner, have certain medical conditions, or have an allergy to the drugs.

An ultrasound will screen for ectopic pregnancy, a form of non-viable pregnancy that can threaten your life. While it only occurs in about 2% of pregnancies, screening can prevent you from taking an abortion pill and leaving this life-threatening condition undetected. 

This scan will also look for miscarriage and determine how many weeks you have been pregnant, which matters for abortion pill eligibility. The abortion pill is only FDA-approved through ten weeks or 70 days of pregnancy.

Knowing your health status before you take any drug to prevent certain complications is essential. 

3. Existence of any STI/STDs

If you currently have an STI or STD, it’s important to receive treatment prior to taking the abortion pill to reduce the risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Treatment can also prevent complications that can jeopardize your long-term health and fertility in general and prevent spreading it to others. 

4. Access to Emergency Care or Follow-Up Appointments

Since online or at-home abortion happens without medical supervision, it would be up to you to monitor for signs of complications. 

To protect your health, be in contact with another person who knows what complications look like and when you need to seek medical intervention.

In the case that you experience any issues, it’s critical for you to be able to go to an emergency room or follow up with a doctor. 

Make an Informed Choice

In addition to the safety factors above, you will also want to consider the risks of abortion

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