Perhaps you have already decided that parenting is out of the question for your unplanned pregnancy. But maybe you want a little more details before you make the decision between abortion and adoption. 

What should I consider before choosing abortion?

  • Cost. The abortion pill typically costs on average $700. Surgical abortions can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You will also need to factor in time off work to recover, which may mean the loss of income. The pre-abortion and post-abortion medical appointments can also add hundreds of dollars worth of costs to your bill.
  • If you are a minor, one of your parents must legally be informed before your abortion.
  • Abortion is illegal in Kansas after 22 weeks.
  • Abortion has risks that could alter your physical and mental health for the rest of your life. Many women have suffered complications that have led to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, sepsis, infertility, and even death.
  • Abortion won’t make your life “back to normal.” It will be part of your story forever, and may still alter relationships and the path of your future. 

What should I consider before choosing adoption?

  • When you choose adoption, you get to be in control of every decision. You get to choose the adoptive family. You get to choose how much or little contact you want with your child in the future. You get to choose who is with you in the delivery room. You get to choose when the baby goes home with the adoptive family. And you even have the right to change your mind and parent your child after you give birth if you have not signed any binding documents.
  • You will receive financial assistance if you choose adoption. Adoption agencies often cover every cost associated with your pregnancy, including medical bills, maternity clothes, transportation to appointments, even food and housing if necessary.
  • You can choose adoption at any time. Unlike abortion, which has a ticking time clock, you can choose adoption one week after conception or weeks after birth.
  • Your surprise pregnancy can leave a lasting legacy. You can change the world when you bring a new life into being. Though you might not have a lot to offer a child, you can offer them the opportunity to live with adoptive parents who do have a lot to offer. 
  • You will help a waiting family to finally see their dream fulfilled. Somewhere out there is a home with a couple who has been dying to see a child snuggle with them in the nursery rocking chair, or play in their backyard treehouse. 

Potential parents for your child are ready for the chance to teach them how to ride a bike or drive a car, to take them to their first major league baseball game. People who long to be parents will love your child, support them at their sporting events and talent shows, and support their dreams.  It will all be because you chose to say yes to giving birth. 

By saying yes, you are choosing something that is bigger than you, something that might be one of the most meaningful things you ever do.

Where Can I Find Out More?

The state of Kansas mandates that before you schedule an abortion you have to receive an ultrasound, counseling, and then wait 24 hours before an abortion appointment. 

At our clinic we can offer that pre-abortion counseling service and ultrasound for free, saving you hundreds of dollars.

We can also answer your questions about adoption, and connect you to helpful resources on the topic. Please call us today to schedule your free consultation.